Meredith Drive- 128th Street to 142nd Street

Project Description:

This project would provide for the reconstruction of Meredith Drive from 128th Street west to 142nd Street as a four-lane roadway with left turn lanes including grading and storm sewer. The paving will be portland cement concrete with two 26-foot wide paving sections and a 28-foot grass median.  Approximately 1700 feet of 142nd Street will be reconstructed as a part of the project. It is anticipated that the project will be complete by the end of November.

Project Status Update - 07/14/2017


 Phase 1 consists of reconstructing Meredith Drive from east of 144th Street to approximately 500’ east of 142nd Street and 142nd Street from Greenbelt Drive to approximately 500 feet north of Oakwood Drive. 142nd Street and Meredith Drive is closed to all traffic. Oakwood Drive and Goodman Drive is closed at 142nd Street. An official detour route has been established. The route consists of Meredith Drive, 156th Street, Douglas Parkway and 128th Street. 

Contractor is currently paving Phase 1 (intersection of 142nd Street & Meredith Drive). It is anticipated that Phase 1 will be open to traffic before the end of July. Concurrently the contractor is working on installing underground facilities and grading of Phase 2 (Meredith Drive between 128th Street & 142nd Street). Phase 2 is closed. We expect paving of Phase 2 to commence the end of August.


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