City Projects

Major Upcoming 2017 Construction Year Projects

Active City Projects

  1. 142nd Street Widening Project

    This project would provide for the widening of 142nd Street to a four lane with left turn lanes at all street intersections from Hickman Road to the Walnut Creek Bridge.

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  2. Meredith Drive- 128th Street to 142nd Street

    Proposed is the construction of a four-lane roadway for Meredith Drive, beginning at 128th Street and extending west to 142nd Street.

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  3. 100th Street Interchange

    Proposed is the construction of an interchange at 100th Street and Interstate 35/80. In 2017 the ramps would be graded and in 2018 the ramps would be paved.

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  1. Douglas Parkway Turn Lane at 121st Street

    Proposed is the installation of a right turn lane on Douglas Parkway at 121st Street. This right turn lane would serve a private drive into the Kum & Go site in the northeast corner of this intersection and 121st Street. A development agreement has been executed between the City and Kum & Go to fund this project.

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  2. 2017 PCC Patching Program

    The 2017 PCC patching program includes areas in Golfview estates and the Merle Hay Frontage Road.

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  3. Aurora Avenue reconstruction

    This project is the reconstruction of Aurora Avenue from 109th Street to the Railroad Crossing. The existing pavement will be replaced with an urban cross-section, including curb and gutter and storm sewer.

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