Engineering & Public Works

The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for over 413 miles of streets and roadways within the City of Urbandale. The department is also responsible for collection of solid waste, conducting traffic safety studies, snow and ice removal and administering the city's storm water regulations.

  1. FEMA Preliminary Flood Rate Maps

    FEMA Preliminary Flood Rate Maps

    FEMA Preliminary Flood Maps (FIRMs)

  2. City Projects

    City Projects

    Descriptions and updates regarding city projects currently under construction.

  3. Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

    Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

    The Solid Waste Division helps to maintain a clean and healthy Urbandale environment by collecting and disposing of residential garbage, trash, and yard waste.

  4. Mapping Urbandale

    Mapping Urbandale

    GIS maps and applications for the City of Urbandale

  5. Permits


    Permit information related to public right-of-way, over-size or overweight loads and hauling solid waste.

  6. Projects Out to Bid

    Projects Out to Bid

    Get information regarding the construction projects the city has to offer, bid opportunities, plan holders list, and bid tabs.

  7. Roadway & Sidewalk Maintenance

    Roadway & Sidewalk Maintenance

    Information regarding sidewalks, street sweeping, pot hole maintenance, snow and ice removal.

  8. Pedestrian Access Route Transition Plan

    Pedestrian Access Route Transition Plan

    The goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan is to ensure that the City creates accessible paths of travel in the public right-of-way for people with disabilities.

  9. Stormwater Utility

    Stormwater Utility

    New federal laws regulating stormwater runoff require the City of Urbandale to develop and implement a comprehensive stormwater quality management program to protect and improve water quality.

  10. Traffic Safety

    Traffic Safety

    Providing a safe and efficient transportation system for the City of Urbandale involves a number of different initiatives, from traffic signals, to street lighting. The sections below discuss some of the main components of traffic safety.